Gioacchino Balistreri, is an Italian director, screenwriter, soundtracks and theatre music composer living in Switzerland. He regularly performs in the LAC multicultural center of Lugano, where he carries out workshops on the world of the orchestra and soundtracks. He obtained a master degree in Music and Arts from A. Scarlatti Conservatory in Palermo, graduating with full marks as a pianist. He studied “Music Composition for Film” at the Chigiana Academy in Siena, under the guidance of the Academy Award-winning Maestro Luis Bacalov. In 2010 he completed a Master of Arts from the Department of Education and Learning in Locarno (CH). He has recently composed the theme song for Tramp Limited, the production house of the Italian actors Ficarra & Picone. Among his works, he composed the music for three plays directed by Mauro Avogadro: “Eichmann – Where the night begins” by Stefano Massini, with Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon, produced by Teatro Stabile of Bolzano and Teatro Stabile of Veneto, , “Fine Pena: Ora”, written by Paolo Giordano (The Solitude of Prime Numbers), with Paolo Pierobon and Sergio Leone, produced by Piccolo Teatro in Milan, and The Blind by M. Maeterlinck, an Accademia Silvio d’Amico production that premiered at Spoleto Festival 2019. He also composed the original soundtracks for the Nico Bonomolo animated shorts movies Confined, produced by Lucky Red, candidate for David di Donatello and Golden Globes, winner of the Giffoni Experience, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and inserted in the long list for the 2018 Academy Awards, and Detours, special mention at the Nastri d’Argento. His first written and directed documentary, “listen to me – Quartamedia“, was presented at Castellinaria Film Festival in 2018 by Giancarlo Zappoli, director of MyMovies. With his first short film as director, screenwriter and composer, “De Angelis“, with Giulio Brogi and Vladimir Randazzo, distributed by Premiere Film in 2020, he obtained an honorable mention at Prato Film Festival 2021 and the honorable mention as first time director at New York Movie Awards 2021, it won twice the award for best original soundtrack at Barcelona PFF 2020 and Mirabilia IFF 2021. He conducts a soundtracks workshop at the Locarno International Film Festival.

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1932 SS // Eichmann (Stefano Massini) THM
  1. 1932 SS // Eichmann (Stefano Massini) THM
  2. Suckin’ Violins // Amaranto OST
  3. Abbiate pietà di noi (finale) // I Ciechi THM (Spoleto 2019)
  4. Il mondo di fuori // Fine pena: ora OST
  5. When I Was // Confino OST
  6. Strange Soldiers // Fur Hat OST
  7. Waltz For a Bomb // Fur Hat OST