THE BLIND – Theatre Music

The Blind

by Maurice Maeterlinck
Intro – I ciechi
  1. 1. Intro – I ciechi
  2. 2. Abbiate pietà di noi (finale)
  3. 3. Passi sulle foglie morte


Simple and immobile is the dramatic situation of I CIECHI (The blind): A group of blind people, in a deep night, fear that they have been abandoned by those who led them: They no longer hear his words, they no longer feel his presence. In this emptiness, they are looking for a value, a guide, a point of reference. Is the tragic blindness of Maeterlinck’s characters the sister of the equally tragic loneliness of many young people of our time that leads them, with devious and modern instruments, to surrender?

Producted by Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico

THE BLIND by Maurice Maeterlinck

Translation and dramaturgical elaboration: Ola Cavagna
director: Mauro Avogadro
scenes and costumes: Ivan Bicego Varengo
lights: Emanuele Lepore
music: Gioacchino Balistreri
with: Vincenzo Abbate, Gianfilippo Azzoni, Matteo Binetti, Caterina Corbi, Serena Costalunga, Giulia D’Aloia, Domenico De Meo, Raffaele De Vincenzi, Michele Lorenzo Eburnea, Adriano Exacoustos, Francesca Florio, Luca Forlani, Leonardo Ghini, Diego Giangrasso, Dora Macripò, Sara Mafodda, Elisabetta Mancusi, Gaja Masciale, Iacopo Nestori, Alberto Penna, Marco Selvatico, Mersila Sokoli

Student directors: Danilo Capezzani, Federico Orsetti

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Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  1. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  2. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 5) // Player
  3. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 4) // Player
  4. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 3) // Player
  5. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 2) // Player
  6. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 1) // Player