Eichmann. Where the night begins – Theatre Music

Eichmann. Where the night begins

by Stefano Massini
Just Beings
  1. 1. Just Beings
  2. 2. 1932 SS
  3. 3. Scholl Brothers

Written by Stefano Massini, a theatrical dialogue of unprecedented power, in which Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon, respectively in the roles of the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt and the Nazi hierarch Adolf Eichmann, retrace the tragedy of the Holocaust.


Directed by Mauro Avogadro

With Ottavia Piccolo and Paolo Pierobon

Scenes: Marco Rossi

Costumes: Giovanna Buzzi

Music by Gioacchino Balistreri

Lights: Michelangelo Vitullo

Assistant director: Dario Battaglia

A Teatro Stabile di Bolzano and Teatro Stabile del Veneto production

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The strengths of the piece are undoubtedly the musical commentary with a broad historical breath by Gioacchino Balistreri, the impeccable costumes of Giovanna Buzzi and the lighting design by Michelangelo Vitullo, varied in the use of different cuts of light capable of perfectly enhancing any situation.

Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
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