CONFINED – Original Soundtrack


directed by Nico Bonomolo
When I Was
  1. 1. When I Was


Sicily, fascist period. A shadow show performer is confined to an island with a lighthouse because during one of his show he uses his art to make fun of Mussolini. A fortuitous event will redeem him from loneliness and captivity through his art.

The short got a nomination at David di Donatello and has been inserted in the long list for the 2018 Academy Awards®.

Written, directed and realized by Nico Bonomolo

Produced by Nico Bonomolo and Andrea Occhipinti, LUCKY RED DISTRIBUZIONE, TRUE COLORS

Music by Gioacchino Balistreri



• David di Donatello – Nomination as Best Animated Shortfilm 
• Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival | Winner of Bruce Corwin Award Best Animated  Shortfilm*
• Anima, Brussels Intl Animation Festival – Special program
• Nashvlle Festival 2017 – Official Selection
• Nastri d’Argento Corti 2017 | Nomination as Best Animated Shortfilm
• Valdarno Cinema 2017 | Winner of Giglio Fiorenino Award and Young Jury Award
• Globo d’Oro (Italian Golden Globe) for Best Short Film 2017 | Nomination
• Giffoni Experience 2017 | Best Animated Shortfilm +18 and Amnesty International Award
• Siciliambiente Film Festival 2017 | Best Animated Shortfilm
• Animavì, International Festival of Poetic Film 2017 | Winner of Audience Award
• Zabut Intl Short Film Festival 2017 | Winner of Audience Award
• Inventa un film Festival 2017 | Winner of First Prize International Animation
• Bosa Animation Awards 2017 | Special Mention
• Nevada City Film Festival 2017 | Best Animation Shortfilm
• Cine a la vista 2017 | Winner of Audience Award
• Corti In Cortile Intl Short FIlm Festival 2017 | Best Directing and Audience Award
• Sedicicorto Intl Film Festival 2017 | Special Mention
• Montecatini Intl Short Film Festival 2017 | Best Animation
• Visionaria Intl Film Festival | Winner of Audience Award and Special Mention

*: 2018 Academy Awards® Qualifying Award

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