Elettra or The Fall of The Masks – Theatre Music

Elettra or The Fall of The Masks

by Marguerite Yourcenar
Ouverture – Il Risveglio
  1. 1. Ouverture – Il Risveglio
  2. 2. Tema di Oreste
  3. 3. Monologo – Il ricordo dell’acqua
  4. 4. Tema di Egisto
  5. 5. Finale – Avanti guardie!


National premiere at the Segesta Greek Theatre

“Electra or The Fall of The Masks”, a theatrical rewriting of the myth of the Atrides. For this “new” Electra, the Author draws from the classic (and in particular from Euripides) only the names of the characters and the setting. The themes of Sophocles and Euripides ‘Electra, as well as those of Aeschylus’ Coephoras, essentially share a common trait: the triumph of Justice at the hands of the avenging sons (Orestes and Electra). But what would happen if the point of view of those observing these protagonists of revenge were literally shifted, if their certainties were undermined?

ELETTRA or THE FALL OF THE MASKS by Marguerite Yourcenar

A production of the Centro Teatrale Meridionale and Compagnia R.D.A.

Director: Mauro Avogadro

Music: Gioacchino Balistreri

Scene and costumes: Ivan Bicego Varengo

With: Federica Cavallaro, Dario Battaglia, Vladimir Randazzo, Nicasio Catanese, Ivan Graziano and Anita Martorana

Direction assistants: Riccardo Rizzo and Andrea Saitta

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Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  1. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  2. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 5) // Player
  3. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 4) // Player
  4. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 3) // Player
  5. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 2) // Player
  6. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 1) // Player