FUR HAT – Original Soundtrack

Fur Hat

directed by Nico Bonomolo
Strange Soldiers
  1. 1. Strange Soldiers
  2. 2. Oci Ciornie (Guitar Version)
  3. 3. Waltz For a Bomb

Four soldiers lost in enemy territory find themselves in the farmhouse of an elderly farmer, who offers them hospitality. Soon the farmhouse becomes the scene of grotesque situations and a reassuring oasis where war is banished. But the oblivion of war is just an illusion of peace.

The film was selected at the Guanajuato IFF 2012 Mexico, Oscar® Qualifyng Competition.

A short film written, directed and realized by Nico Bonomolo

Music by Gioacchino Balistreri and CCCP



  • Guanajuato Int’l Film Festival 2012 Official Selection Best Animation Short Film (Oscar® qualifying Competition)
  • Arcipelago Int’l Film Festival Rome 2012 Special Mention of the A.m.c. Jury
  • Stuttgart Int’l Film Festival 2013 Official Selection – Panorama International Premi David di Donatello 2013 Competition.


1932 SS // Eichmann (Stefano Massini) THM
  1. 1932 SS // Eichmann (Stefano Massini) THM
  2. Suckin’ Violins // Amaranto OST
  3. Abbiate pietà di noi (finale) // I Ciechi THM (Spoleto 2019)
  4. Il mondo di fuori // Fine pena: ora OST
  5. When I Was // Confino OST
  6. Strange Soldiers // Fur Hat OST
  7. Waltz For a Bomb // Fur Hat OST