DE ANGELIS – Short film

De Angelis

Directed by Gioacchino Balistreri

As a boy, Alessio met by chance a homeless man, a traveling guitarist. This encounter left a mark on him. Years later, he decides to go back to his home country and look for the musician. A story of music and hope, when the passion for art can take you far away.

The movie obtained a special mention at Prato Film Festival 2021 and the honorable mention as first time director at New York Movie Awards 2021, it won twice the award for best original soundtrack at Barcelona PFF 2020 and Mirabilia IFF 2021.


A short film written and directed by Gioacchino Balistreri

Original soundtrack by Gioacchino Balistreri

With Giulio Brogi  e  Vladimir Randazzo

And with Cecilia Guzzardi, Marco Brogi, Mattia Frei, Erik Müller and Gaia Tremolada

Cinematography: Gioacchino Balistreri

Mix audio and mastering: Nino Mauro

Special effects: Paolo Conti

Film editing: Gioacchino Balistreri

With the participation of guitarists Vincenzo Mancuso  e  Matteo Mancuso

Produced by Gioacchino Balistreri

A Prem1ere Film distribution



Prato Film Festival 2021 – Special Mention

New York Movie Awards 2021 -Winner Honorable mention as First Time Director

Mirabilia International Film Awards 2021 – Winner Best Original Soundtrack

Barcellona PFF 2020 – Winner Dalì Award for Best Soundtrack / Music Score

Cefalù Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Your Story Matters Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Andromeda Film Festival 2021, Istanbul – Official Selection

Diorama International Film Festival & Market 2020, New Delhi – Official Selection 

Southeastern International Film & Music Festival 2020, Nashville – Official Selection

Brazil IMIFF 2021 – Official Selection

Castiglioni Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Tracks Music Award 2020 – Official Selection

International Sound & Film Music Festival 2020 – Official Selection

First Time Filmmaker Session 2020 – Official Selection

Fusion International Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection

Parma Music Film Festival – Official Selection

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Prato Film Festival 2021

Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
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