Lisistrata – Theatre Music


by Aristofane
War Intro
  1. 1. War Intro
  2. 2. Cleonice
  3. 3. Lampitò
  4. 4. Pride
  5. 5. Beota
  6. 6. Occupazione Acropoli


National premiere at the Segesta Greek Theatre

The struggles between the sexes do not end like this, just as wars between peoples do not end. Extraordinarily contemporary is, therefore, Aristophanes’ LISISTRATA which, through an irresistible paradox, shows us a society perpetually at war to which women decide to change their destiny by refusing to give themselves to their men until they make PEACE. The company of young actors RDA, after the success obtained by Avogadro with Aristophanes’ LE VESPE, staged at the Greek Theater of Syracuse in 2014 – a show in which they participated as newcomers – it has chosen LISISTRATA for the next summer theater season.

LISISTRATA by Aristophanes

A production Centro Teatrale Meridionale and Compagnia R.D.A. production

Director: Mauro Avogadro

Music: Gioacchino Balistreri

Costumes: Ivan Bicego Varengo

With: Delfina Balistreri, Dario Battaglia, Nicasio Catanese, Federica Cavallaro, Aurora Cimino, Marcello Gravina, Ivan Graziano, Anita Martorana, Riccardo Masi, Vladimir Randazzo, Claudia Zappia.

Artistic direction: Nicasio Anselmo

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Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  1. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 6) // Player
  2. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 5) // Player
  3. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 4) // Player
  4. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 3) // Player
  5. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 2) // Player
  6. Intervista Rete 2 (Part 1) // Player